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Vitaline® Herbal Formulas for over 30 years

Vitaline® Herbal Formulas for 30 yrs.

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Four Great Brands. One Superior Company. What started as a discussion between industry pioneers has become a major advance in natural medicines. With the help of lifestyle and health industry veteran North Castle Partners, four became one. The partnership of NF Formulas, PhytoPharmica, Tyler Encapsulations and Vitaline Formulas has changed the industry very much for the better.

Superior Products. It's Simple. They offer the best in product quality and breadth of product line. Their formulas are created from the finest raw materials using rigorous lab testing and quality control. Their combined strength greatly enhances their product development capabilities. They are all committed to bringing new formulations—and new hope—to your patients.

Superior Research. Their Research Capabilities have Increased by the Power of Four. Many of their products are tested in double-blind placebo studies by major research institutions. Their unique holdings in botanical medical journals make them an important resource for medical libraries across the country. Most importantly, ITI will continue to lead the way in new discoveries, new advances, new improvements. That's their promise to you.

The NPF, while not endorsing any particular therapy, recognizes that our patients are using alternative therapies. The CoQ10 used in much of the recent research, including the University of California at San Diego PD Phase II study (1200mg per day dose) was developed and manufactured by a company called Vitaline. Vitaline has studied the effects of CoQ10 on patients with PD and Huntington's disease for 20 years. Vitaline CoQ10 is a proprietary, patent-pending CoQ10 product, which has been designated an Orphan Drug for Huntingtons Disease by the FDA. Vitaline CoQ10 is absorbed by the body, enters the bloodstream, reaches the mitchondria (the energy source of each cell), and crosses from the blood into the brain.

Research sponsored by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke found 1200 mg. daily of Vitaline CoQ10, a nutritional supplement with three patents pending, slowed the progression of Parkinson’s Disease 44 percent. Vitaline CoQ10 has been the subject of more than 20 research studies, review articles, and abstract presentations. Vitaline CoQ10 is especially attractive because it is safe in high dosages and has been proven to penetrate the cell. It is the only CoQ10 of the hundreds on the market to meet both these criteria.

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