Florida Homeowners Insurance when you have dogs.

If you plan to move the state of Florida anytime soon, and you happen to be a pet owner, then it stands to reason that you’re going to want to learn everything possible about Florida homeowners insurance against dogs. The same can be said for those who are planning to purchase a dog, and are curious as to how information regarding Florida homeowners insurance against dogs will impact them. If you are simply looking for a Homeowners insurance policy in Florida then you can contact https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-homeowners-insurance/ and get a free quote.

Dogs And Florida Homeowners Insurance

The most important thing to keep in mind with Florida homeowners insurance and dogs is that when it comes to how owning a dog can influence your homeowners insurance costs, it really comes down to what type of breed of dog you own, or what type of breed of dog you’re thinking about owning. This is why it’s important to get all the facts ahead of time. If you’re not sure as to what breed of dog you’re planning to own, you will want to speak to your current insurance provider, or include a question of what certain dog breeds mean to homeowners insurance rates and coverage in your research of potential Florida homeowners insurance providers.

Florida Homeowners Insurance FAQ

Here are some questions on the subject of property insurance in Florida against dogs that you should be asking yourself:

  • Is there really such a thing as a vicious dogs list? Unfortunately, there is indeed such a thing as a vicious dogs list. As the name implies, a vicious dogs list is a list of dog breeds that are considered by the public and other individuals at large to be vicious, even dangerous more often than not. Pitbull owners can tell you a thing or two about discrimination, based solely on the breed of the dog. The Rottweiler breed appears on this list, as well.
  • What does it mean to me if my dog is on the vicious breeds list? The implications of the vicious dog list is that because the dog is considered a greater risk for both the homeowner and guests of the homeowner than other dog breeds, the liability is therefore greater. Some insurance carriers will simply refuse to provide Florida homeowners insurance to someone who owns a Doberman, a Great Dane, or a Chow. Other companies will offer insurance that excludes the dog entirely, which means that in the event something happens with the dog, the carrier will not be responsible.
  • Is there a universal vicious dogs list, or does the list vary from one insurance company to the next? Certain breeds (Pitbulls, Akitas, etc) are almost always going to be on an insurance company’s vicious dogs list. Other breeds (like a Golden Retriever) are never going to be on a vicious dogs list. The specifics of the list can indeed vary between companies.
  • In the event that someone is bitten by my dog, do I still need to get in touch with my carrier? Yes.
  • What are my options? Florida dog and canine liability insurance from https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-homeowners-insurance/ is well worth investigating. Some type of coverage is always going to be a good idea for everyone.

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